Farewell to our new sisters in Dallas

After arriving at school the for last time, we attended first period class with our host sisters. I went to Spanish class where students hosted a mock fashion show. The “models” were spoken of in all Spanish by their fellow classmates. Although I take Chinese, the fashion show was very entertaining. 

When first period ended, all of the delegates and hosts gathered for a farewell meal full of sweet treats. We then loaded the bus and said our final goodbyes to our host sisters. On the way to the airport we reflected on our trip, and specifically how we felt as though we should plan group workouts in order to work off all the meals we had eaten during our stay. However, our plans for working out were soon overshadowed by the fact that there was a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop in an adjacent terminal. Suddenly it felt as if we hadn’t eaten in days. I along with Mr. Schneider and other people on the trip hopped on the tram to the other terminal in order to get the ice cream. The trip was well worth it! Shortly after returning to our gate from our ice cream adventure, we boarded the plane. 

Our experience in Dallas was one that is truly unforgettable. Long lasting friendships, sisterhoods, and memories were made. Now onto the sports banquet and back to school! 

-Caroline Taylor


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