Sunday in Dallas

Day 5:    Today I picked up Molly and we went to dunkin’ donuts on way back to my house. We learned about a food they have at dunkin’ thats called Kolaches. Kolaches are basically hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. After we got this we went to Six Flags. We were their from when the park opened, 11:00, until closing, 7:00. We practically went on ever big roller coaster in the park. After this we went to an Italian/American restaurant called BJ’s. This restaurant offered a variety of foods, similar to the restaurant Cheese Cake Factory. At the end of dinner we got Pizookies, which are deep dish cookies with ice cream on top. These were a perfect ending to our full day of rollercoasters. On the way home we passed a cow farm, so we stopped and took pictures with the cows near the fence. We had a fantastic day, with weather that wasn’t neither hot or cold, filled with thrilling activities.  

   Bella, Ellen, and both their host families went to the Texas Rangers game. Their seats were right behind first base! After the game they were able to go to downtown Dallas and visit the different shops. Lauren went to mass in the morning and then lunch after. She then visited SMU and shopped around their. Caroline spent the day with her host family and got ready for the week ahead. Overall everyone had a jam packed Sunday filled with exciting new activities.  

– Abigail Poole


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