Learning about life in Dallas

Day 2: Today started with another warm welcome by the global department here in Dallas. We were led by 2 ambassadors, Carli and Peyton, who showed us all around campus. Many of us found it interesting that the school used id badges as their way of entry into the buildings. Another cool part of the tour included a gallery where long, white graduation dresses hung to be showcased. The tour was very informative and had to be ended short due to time. 

Next, we spent the day with our host sisters. My host sister Lyndsey took me to three classes and lunch. One highlight of my day included the interactive Spanish class where students wrote with expo markers on their desk instead of taking notes. Another class that I enjoyed was Fitness where we enjoyed a nice fifteen minute meditation  to cleanse us from any stress. 

Other students that spent the day with their host sisters enjoyed many diverse classes as well. Ellen shared that she was in a ceramics class where she was able to make her own bowl! Additionally, students were able to enjoy the prominent theater program that Ursuline of Dallas provides. 

One of our awesome chaperones, Mr. Schneider, was able to do some math instruction with some Dallas students.  He fit right in!

So far, this trip has been very fun and we cannot wait to see downtown Dallas tomorrow!

-Molly Casey



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