Experiencing life in Paris!

Today I woke up and I ate cereal with my host sister Victoire, and then got ready to meet all the other girls at their school. We spent the morning in Le Marais, which is a cute neighborhood where there are many stores and coffee shops. We later went to Montmartre, which is also a big neighborhood with a basilica at the top of a hill that has an amazing view of Paris. We all took pictures of the Saint Angela, Saint Ursula and Saint Marie of the Incarnation windows. After Montmartre, we went shopping at a big mall called So Ouest with our host sisters where we bought pretty shirts and jeans and presents for my family. I later came back to my host sister’s house and my host mother prepared a traditional french dinner. We had french cheese, potatoes, veal, and bread with butter which was really good! We also had chocolate mousse for the dessert and talked about politics because of their 1st tour for their presidential election. I learned a lot about their culture and I am so happy to be in Paris!! 
– Alondra Posada
Day 7:
Every morning, although very early 😬, i wake up to an amazing breakfast with my host family! I absolutely love eating all together because it’s something that my family never does ever, but makes me happy with a friendly morning of light talking about the day and good bread to start the day. I love starting the day with the coffee they taught me how to make and I love learning more about their family. At first I was surprised that they drank powdered chocolate milk from a bowl because we have nothing like that here, but i found it super cool to observe things like this.
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At dinner Ophélie taught me how to make a simple dessert that the family makes when the baguette they bought for dinner a few nights ago gets stale. You simply cut the baguette into small pieces, then in a separate bowl you mix white sugar, one egg and milk. You dip these pieces into the bowl until completely soaked. After this you place the pieces on a heated pan with butter and pour sugar on the side facing upward. You flip when one side is done. Then VOILÀ! you have your dessert that tastes amazing, especially with ice cream and another light dusting of sugar 🙂
– Lilli Bifferato









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