Bienvenue a Sainte Ursule!

Today we checked out of a really nice hotel in the 9th district in the morning to meet our Ursuline sisters! When we arrived, they had made posters for us and they were very welcoming. We introduced ourselves to our host families and then went as a group to a French supermarket. All of the French moms knew that we Americans LOVE TO SNACK, so they wanted us to pick out our own. We then went back to their houses to unpack. After eating lunch, we met up with some other Ursuline students (French & US) and took the subway into the center of Paris. We walked around the city and visited parks and saw Notre Dame. Then we took the subway back to where they lived and went to a cafe. At the cafe we got coffee, hot chocolate, and crepes. Then a few other students from the Sainte-Ursule school from Paris stopped by to say hi to us. After this we went back to our hosts house and ate dinner.





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