Water is Life

Our day started with a tour of Madre Del Buen Consiglio – the school sponsored by Santisimo Sacrimento Parish. We visited all of the high school classes, which were students aged 13-16. 

The girls took turns answering questions about life in the USA. The kids were interested in learning about the ages of the girls, the languages they study in school, the sports & instruments they play and what they like to do in their free time. Our delegation did a great job singing Ursuline’s Alma Mater for the oldest students in the school. 
After singing, we headed to the indoor court where the girls played a rowdy game of handball. UA spirit and tenacity was in full gear as our girls quickly learned the rules and took on their Madre opponents. 
We finished our morning with a tour of the kindergarten, 1st grade and special education classrooms where we gifted them with some of the school supplies with brought from home. They were thrilled! 
In the afternoon, we were invited to participate on a special mission to deliver water to the Monte Castillo neighborhood where we cleaned houses yesterday. The water supply in Monte Castillo has been cut off for a few days due to the fact that the truck that typically delivers purified water to the village had broken down. Families were forced to drink contaminated water or go without – neither of which are options we were comfortable with. 
So, we loaded into a truck with a handful of other volunteers and headed to Peru’s version of Costco – Macko. We purchased 65 jugs of water for less than $100 US dollars and loaded up the truck. 
30 minutes later, we were in the heart of Monte Castillo delivering two jugs of water to some of the houses. Many were the houses that we had the privilege to clean yesterday. The families were so grateful, inviting us into their homes and thanking us with hugs and smiles. 
No person should live without access to clean water. No one. 

To cap off an incredible day, we headed out to Los Polverines village after mass to have a cultural fiesta. We watched great traditional dances and kicked up our heels with the kids from the neighborhood. It was a festive celebration for this lovely community. 


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