Exploring Cusco

After yesterday’s long & exciting day, it was wonderful to sleep in a bit. We gathered for breakfast at the hotel before heading out to visit Cusco.

Our first stop was the Cathedral de Ascesion de Maria – a stunning basilica in the center of Cusco. We had a wonderful guide who showed us the three churches within the cathedral as well as the many small chapels. We saw an incredible painting from the late 17th century that detailed a major earthquake in Cusco that destroyed everything except the cathedral and a crucifix which still stands in the church today. Jesus has been aptly named Senor de los Tremboles. 

After the cathedral, we visited San Pedro market where we sampled granadilla, pan chuta, and muña.  It was an incredible adventure into life in Cusco. 

We had a delicious lunch at Papacho’s – Peruvian burgers and fries with milkshakes! The girls were in heaven!!

Our afternoon was spent shopping in the market and walking through the festive streets of Cusco enjoying the celebrations & parades in honor of the city’s anniversary. 

In the evening, we had a lovely dinner and then saw a dance show of traditional Incan dances before heading back to get ready for our departure. 


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