Presenting ourselves to our Peruvian sisters

Today, we began the day by presenting ourselves to the entire student body of Colegio Santa Ursula.  Each of the girls stood on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and introduced herself in Spanish.  We were very proud of our Ursuline girls as they looked out over almost 900 pupils and spoke in a second language!

Our delegation overlooking the pupils at Colegio Santa Ursula

Morning greeting with the students of Santa Ursula

After our introduction, students attended classes with their host sisters and then met with the three English classes of students in their final year to present about Ursuline Academy and to answer questions.  The girls did an excellent job presenting and answering lots of questions about life as a UA student in America.  As Maddie Tallman ’17 remarked, “what I learned most is that we are all really similar and I felt at home here as soon as we arrived.”

Presenting in Señora Maruy’s English class

After presenting, we were invited to have lunch with the wonderful sisters in the convent dining room.  In true “Sr. Betty style”, we warned the girls that the sisters wanted to make sure that they had the chance to sample some Peruvian delicacies of ceviche and guinea pig and that they should accept the offering of the sisters with grace and gratitude.  The girls were quite nervous upon entering only to find that the sisters had prepared chicken soup, chicken milanese, french fries, and a beautiful green salad.  They even had ice cream and cookies for dessert!!

We enjoyed wonderful community with the beautiful sisters of CSU – it is truly a special place and many of the girls remarked that this was one of their favorite experiences so far.  Madre Pia decorated each of the girls’ place-cards with her beautiful sketches; a truly unique & priceless souvenir!

Lauren, Maddie, Shayla & Kayla sign the guest book

Class of 2019: Yanni, Pinky, Rylee, Maggie & Lauren

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