Snorkeling & Salsa in Costa Rica

Each of us has said that every day in Costa Rica has been better than the day before, and our final full day proved this true once again. We left the cloud forest hotel early this morning and descended to the Pacific coast, winding our way through the mountain towns and learning about the country’s history since the Conquest.

Once we arrived at the water, we embarked across the Gulf of Nicoya and headed for Isla Tortuga. On the way, the boat operator continued to tell us about Costa Rica’s unique and diverse ecosystems (en español, ¡claro!). Today we were able to observe many species firsthand, including a peccary, a variety of birds, a manta ray, and hundreds of colorful fish along the reef for those of us who went snorkeling. We ate a traditional meal on the beach and then returned to shore, dancing salsa and singing on the boat with other visitors from Bolivia, El Salvador, Japan, South Africa, and Canada. It was a truly wonderful day that filled our hearts with love for this beautiful country and its people.

Sra. Ponte and Srta. Wanner


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