Jour 4 Dans Paris!

I’m We started Easter Sunday by going to Mass at St. Paul’s Church. From there, we traveled to the Louvre and spent a few hours looking around at all of the incredible artwork. We experienced Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s Captive, and many many more famous artists and sculptors. We then headed to the Palais Royale and Notre Dame des Victoires just to check them out. For dinner, we went to a very fancy restaurant called the Café Françoise where we all learned a very important lesson (through Nicole): Dont always say oui when you dont know what you are being asked! She ordered a burger, but when the waiter asked if she wanted a salad, she said oui, so she had a lovely salad for dinner! We all had some great French lava cale for dessert and headed back to the hotel for bed. Great day!


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