Feliz Pascua – Costa Rica Easter celebration!

Feliz Pascua!! Happy Easter!! We started out the day with our highly anticipated dance class! Nancy (our tour guide) taught us the salsa, the cha-cha, and the meringue and we can’t wait to bring our new moves back to America. Afterwards we went to Easter Mass at a local church. Though we struggled to understand a lot of the Mass, what was very clear to us was the sense of community despite the language barrier. We were able to clap along during the songs (something new to us), join in on the Padre Nuestro (Our Father), and shake hands/hug those around us when sharing with them a sign of Paz (peace). It was a beautiful service. 
Following Mass, we went to lunch– rice and beans again– and explored the Monteverde Cloud Forest. It is one of the most famous cloud forests in the world and was absolutely beautiful. We were quiet (surprisingly) for a good amount of the hike and were able to hear the sounds of the birds and rushing water. Costa Rica has yet to fail in taking our breath away with its beauty. 
We hope everyone at home had a nice Easter and we look forward to seeing our families soon!! Adios!!!
 – Jena Awad


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