Paris Day 2 – the day of churches


Today was our second day in Paris and we are loving every second. As Mrs. Hickey said earlier, today was the day of the churches. We began our day at Saint Chapelle and then ventured to Notre Dame. We stopped by the Chapel of the Miraculous Medals, and St. Sulpice. In between all of that, we had time for a picnic at the Luxembourg Gardens and some shopping! We got to walk around Le Bon Marche, a high end department store. We had time to shop in some more reasonably priced stores and at street vendors as well. 
Around 4 we were sent on our mission to grocery shop for dinner at Josh’s. We took our turns ordering at the cheese shop, bakery, butcher, and the fresh fruits/ vegetables market. We dropped the deliveries off to Josh and then took the long trek uphill to see Sacre Coeur. It had the most amazing views of the city and we found a surprise inside. There was a set of stained glass windows dedicated to St. Ursula and St. Angela ! 
After we took in the sights, we went to Josh’s for dinner and got to meet some of Josh’s and Xavier’s friends and family. So far we are having the most amazing time and we can’t wait to see more! ( in case anyone was wondering today we totaled 21,000 steps and covered almost 10 miles!!)
-Katie Coviello


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