Making tortillas in Costa Rica

Hola from Costa Rica! 

Today we started our day with a two hour ride to the jungle cruise in Caño Negro. Once we got on the boat, the tour immediately started as we saw caymans, iguanas, monkeys, and various birds. The river, Rio Frio, runs through the boarders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Lunch was a typical, classic Costa Rican dish with arroz con pollo (for all you non-Spanish speakers, rice and chicken), beans, salad, yucca chips, and pineapple. 

Later in the evening, all of us traveled to a cooking class at an organic farm where we met Antonio, Giselle, and Sergio, who taught us how to prepare and cook tortillas. It’s said in Costa Rica that a woman who cannot cook cannot find a husband, and thus does not get married. After making our tortillas (yes we are now marriage material), we ate our dinner consisting of rice, beans, beef, picadillo, salad, and, of course, our tortillas. The night was full of singing, laughing, and delicious food. We finished the night with volcanic mud masks and hot springs. 
Pura vida,
-Maya and Katie C 


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