Presenting Dallas to the UA Community

What an amazing adventure we have had with our Dallas sisters!

On Monday, the Dallas delegation attended classes with their host sisters before presenting to the Upper School students at our Business Women’s Lunch series.  During the presentation, we learned so many things about Dallas including what a mum is, about UA intramurals, the fact that 108 “Delawares” fit into Texas, and other interesting facts about Texas, Dallas, and UA in Dallas.

Dallas Delegation & chaperones

The girls did an excellent job representing their school and answering questions from our student body.  They even treated us to a freshman dance routine at the end – how fun!  I imagine that this may be a tradition that our UA Wilmington girls might be interested in starting for their underclasswomen.

Allie, Isabel, Eva & Jennifer treat us to their Freshman Dance

That afternoon, Cathie Field Lloyd and Susan Heiss took the group out on a driving tour of Wilmington where Cathie treated the girls to some fun and interesting facts about our special First State of Delaware.  They ended their afternoon with ice cream on the waterfront at Molly’s – owned by a UA alumna of course!

Cathie Field Lloyd hosts a driving tour of Wilmington

On Tuesday morning, the delegation started their day in our Lower School with a presentation to the 5th graders.  The students loved learning all about Dallas and answering the questions about Delaware.  
Dallas presents for the Lower School 

In addition to presenting for the 4th & 5th grades, the Dallas students also had an opportunity to go into our four Early Childhood classrooms where they read to the students and participated in their activities including the ever-popular “Kiss Your Brain” sing along.  It was so wonderful to share our little explorers of the world with our Dallas sisters. 

Eva reads to our young students
Mia & Allie hang out in Mrs. Dooley’s classroom
After spending the morning with the Lower School students, the Dallas students then presented to the Middle School students in the auditorium.  The Middle Schoolers loved hearing all about the differences between UA Dallas and UA Wilmington.  Many even got excited about the opportunity that when they come to UA as high school students that they would have the opportunity to travel to Dallas to learn more about life in Texas.

Dallas delegates & our Middle School student body

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