Papal Mass in Philadelphia

At 8:30am this morning, our combined group of students from Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, DE and Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas formed a prayer circle and prayed for a safe pilgrimage into Philadelphia to celebrate Mass with Pope Francis.  

Our entire journey was smooth sailing – from the bus ride into Philadelphia, to parking & getting to SEPTA, to an easy SEPTA journey and walk to security – everything was well orchestrated and the sense of community amongst the hundreds of thousands with whom we traveled was palpable.  We met people from all over the world and even some with connections to the Ursuline community. 
Before mass, Pope Francis made his final parade journey around Philadelphia and we were there to see it all – just steps away from our Holy Father.  What an amazing experience!  We are so inspired by  his teachings and are so blessed that we had the opportunity to be in such close proximity to him.  The excitement and emotion shone on our girls’ faces – they were beaming with joy! 
Mass was a beautiful celebration of family in its many definitions.  Pope Francis led us in a simple and prayerful celebration that helped us to all feel connected in our faith.  Amazingly, everyone was able to partake in communion as the altar dispersed hundreds of priests into the crowds.  How wonderful!   
We are home safely in Delaware – forever changed by this experience and this man.  


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