St. Angela as a leader

Yesterday, we started the day off with breakfast & continued with presentations from guest speakers. We discussed representation, leadership skills, and how diversity impacts us and how we lead. After lunch, we continued these presentations and started discussing St. Angela as a leader. Continuing, schools started presenting their PowerPoints and videos on their schools and traditions. We then got ready for our fashion show, where we show cased our school uniforms & other common attire. Then, we had dinner & after dinner we continued school presentations. After, we stayed outside, hung out, & played games. We exchanged gifts & spent most of the night bonding with our sisters. 

–Sophia Simoes ’16

Getting physical to learn about leadership

Showing off UA uniform and sports attire during the fashion show

Learning about the leadership of St. Angela

Chapel at the Beaumont School

The Student Leadership Conference is being hosted by our sister school,
the Beaumont School in Ohio.  It is a beautiful campus nestled in the Shaker Heights
neighborhood on the outskirts of Cleveland.  


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