Presenting in Dallas

We had a wonderful Friday here in Dallas. Our students had a late arrival – lucky girls! Ms. Williams and Mrs. Neill arrived in time to see the beautiful white dress tradition for graduation. It was so beautiful – the girls were decked out in their white dresses and matching white hats. They will wear these dresses again for graduation.  

The girls went to class today with their sisters – learning a lot in their classes. Julia Sparco remarked how much she enjoyed her Spanish class because it was immersion and taught completely in Spanish. 
This afternoon, we gathered in the KIVA to present to members of the UA Dallas student body all about Ursuline. We were so thrilled to have so many students, faculty, and administration in attendance. Our girls did a wonderful job talking about all of the things that make Delaware and UA Wilmington unique as well as some of the experiences they’ve had since arriving in Dallas. They fielded some great questions from the crowd including some tough ones about taxes and Queen Christina!! The delegation handled themselves beautifully – just as you’d expect of an Ursuline girl.  

We were so proud to share with the group the amazing work of our awesome 4th grade “delegates” – the crowd loved it and gave the 4th graders, Mr. Dougherty, & Mrs. Clody a huge round of applause for their awesome work. Thanks 4th graders!!!

We are finishing our day watching the UA Bears Softball Team beating the Parrish Panthers – GO BEARS!! 


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